Well the domain thing resolved itself. Good. I felt a teeny bit better but realized the mood was still there. I took a shower, put away all the clothes and cleaned up the bedroom, scrubbed the bathtub, toilet and sink. Did the dishes TWICE today, cooked three meals –breakfast was egg and cheese mcmuffins with fruit bowl, lunch was a cashew curry with rice and fruit bowl, dinner was hamburger pie and a jello type dessert. I also cleaned the kitchen, worked on more crochet, watched the 4400 and earlier tried to take a nap. It all made the time pass but my mood wasn’t helped. :(

[Potty break -- bacon bit was jumping on my bladder from the inside! (as opposed to the outside, I know). I had to go for about a 1/2 an hour and all of a sudden it felt like my bladder was being poked...I have since relieved myself and it stopped. Dang, Bacon Bit's can be so demanding sometimes!]

Also I think I have heartburn. But it’s not a burning feeling… it’s a pain in the middle of my chest behind my sternum. It’s sort of off and on all day, and for the last couple of hours it’s been on. I guess when I think of burning … well I think of burning, not pressure/pain in one stop. It feels like there is something there and if I hit my chest hard enough it will go away.

I watched the end of Titanic after the 4400 and was just astounded at how young Leonardo looks. He’s looks like a teenager! I mean, seriously, he’s quite a bit different looking now than he was then. I sort of like that. I liked him in the Departed, and I like that he has aged his age (and is still good looking).

Well, I suppose I should go to bed. I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday. Sigh. Work schmerck. Tension is running high in the office and I hate that. Oh crap, I almost forgot I have to go to a stupid meeting with the printer dude tomorrow to discuss a problem that has no real solution. I am only doing this because my coworker thinks it’s important, and …. sigh. It’s a pain in the ass and quite honestly goes beyond the realm of an LTE. Really, it is. I don’t even know what bus will take me out that far. I guess I should wear my comfortable shoes and put that printing thing in my bag in case I forget it tomorrow (which I mostly likely would). Nutz.

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