I should totally be in bed right now, but I had two glasses of iced tea with dinner and I think I am up on caffeine. WOO! They were good, I wish people would keep my damn glass full. I know, normal people only drink one or two glasses of something but I need at least 5 glasses to sustain this mighty thirst.

No wonder I am full all the time. Let’s see today I ate (and keep in mind I planned this so I would have *some* appetite for dinner):

-1/2 bowl of strawberry shredded wheat cereal with a little lactose free milk soaked in and sliced strawberries (it got yucky 1/2 way through).
-1 chocolate chip cookie
-bowl of tomato/oyster soup and a piece of bread with butter
-a small packet of dinosaur fruit snacks
-20 assorted nuts
-two pieces of falafel
-small cup of lentil soup
-some crab/artichoke dip and pita bread
-three small bites of lamb sausage with a smidge of rice
-1/2 piece of chocolate cake

It amazes me. How can Bacon Bit survive on this? I mean, *I* don’t survive on this pre-Bacon Bit. Gosh if it weren’t for the nuts and things like that I would be totally protein starved. So how is it possible that this is eating for two?

Today was a tired day. We went to bed late last night after a great evening at a BBQ and watching fireworks with friends at Elver park. I had a really good 4th of July — I like this holiday … it’s a nice relaxing, enjoy the summer with out lots of family obligations holiday, I think I might be starting to like it second to New Year’s Eve. Maybe. We’ll see as the years progress…I have big plans to make the 4th exciting again. After all that fun, I drove back and did AWESOME! I felt a little less nervous for my test after that. I woke up this morning feeling sore again. I think what is happening is that I can’t breath because my nose is constantly stuffy and dry — and I end up sleeping on my back — which means I wake up in pain from my abdomen. Then when I get up in the morning, things aren’t feeling quite right. It goes away after an hour — but I do think it’s time to start thinking about getting a special pillow for real. I think we are going to look around at Target this weekend.

Anyway, so I did a lot of internet surfing today, I did take a shower, clean the bathroom and do two loads of laundry and hung it up to dry and took it in (Still need to put it away). I napped, picked up around the house and kitchen and made a pair of maternity shorts. I finished another square of my afghan — I should post more about my craft projects in Tceku. Yeah, I think I am going to start doing that.

Then we met Rachel and Mike (Tim’s old high school/college buddy and roommate) for dinner at the infamous Bunky’s! Yeah you heard it, after two years of trying to eat there, I FINALLY succeeded! The food was okay, but the cake was good. Tim said the lunch menu was probably better…maybe it is. In any case, we had a long dinner and it was nice to chat. I could have totally talked longer and about more things but you know even good things have to come to a close.

Tomorrow we have MORE social plans! Awesome and I think I might have something lined up for Saturday morning too. That reminds me to email Kathleen in the morning. I have lots of time tomorrow because I am the only person in the office and the job I am working on is already done — just a few more finishing touches to make me look awesome….a carefully crafted slacker day.

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