Look to your left and you will see that I have finally left the stone age of blogging and added a site feed. Click on it to get the URL. :D How about that? I *have* tried to do it before, but blogger’s documentation wasn’t up with the new blogger, and frankly it was impossible to figure out. Not this morning though! This morning I whooped it’s ass and now I am one of the site feeding elite!

Rock on.

I know that several of you guys have been wanting that for awhile. I then discovered (in the process of testing it out to see it worked) of this thing called Google Reader — which I guess is alot like any other site aggregator. But — new to me! I went and added a bunch of blogs that I have bookmarked on the laptop, in addition to my own site which worked perfectly fine! It’ll be great for when I am in a place without access to my bookmarks. That is one of the things I liked best about Livejournal — that it would group all of your friends journals onto one page for you. I also like livejournal’s privacy feature. I still need to operate in both world’s (LJ and blogland) but that is okay. It’s add’s spice to my everyday internet routine.

There is something to be said about visiting a blog though every now and then. ;) I wonder how the stat’s will keep count of that? As in, how would I be able to tell how many people link to the site feed? I guess I’ll have to investigate some more.

Two more things from yesterday:

1. Bacon Bit’s heartbeat now sounds like a real heartbeat on the fetal doppler (like a miniture galloping horse) and no longer like “shush shush shush shush”

2. I saw my stomach move! It was like a poke from the inside. I was laying on the couch mostly reclined and crocheting, and I felt the Bit start to move. I looked down and ‘Pop” It moved! I had the DH come over to take a look but by then, of course, Bacon Bit stopped. :P

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