Today is the first bill day of the month — as in I pay bills and reconcile twice a month. Anyway, it usually takes all morning, but you know when I am done I feel all important and responsible. :)

It’s probably because we still have plenty of money after the first bill day, it’s the second bill day that I dread — the end of the month reconciliation where we see how bad or how good we did. The one I really hate to do is the one after vacation. Oh speaking of which I need go get on the horn about renting a car for that week. Let’s see:

  • dog sitter – check
  • Cat/house sitter — not check …. We are thinking of asking Laima or Phil/Candance if they would do it….we’ll try Phil first. I am sure they could use the extra cash.
  • Vegetable pickup one – check
  • Vegetable pickup two – not check
  • Plans set with BIL-Ben/Kelly to spend the night, brunch in the morning and give us a ride to the airport and watch our car for week, and then pick us up when we get back? – Check.
  • Car Rental – not check
  • Plane Tickets – check
  • Lodging at B&B – check
  • Requested tourist material – check

That’s all I have for now. I wonder what I am missing. Hm.

Bacon Bit: 22w1d

  • The pillows help, though last night I noticed when I lay on my left side for too long it’s gets really, really “wake up and feel the pain” sore.
  • I am having on and off again days where I strongly feel food aversion and lack of hunger.
  • My feet are starting to swell when I sit for too long. I was hoping I wouldn’t get this until MUCH later — and a part of me was hoping it would never happen. :( My feet are already too big, I can’t afford for them to get permanently bigger.
  • I feel the Bit several times during the day, but not enough to count and I still can’t feel it on my own from the outside. Most of the movement is felt really low to the sides, which makes sense considering that whole anterior placenta placement thing.
  • I don’t feel a whole lot bigger — though I suppose Thursday’s picture will tell.
  • I had another bad headache yesterday that had to be fixed with a codeine Tylenol and early bedtime — I wonder if that is why I feel off today.
  • Every night the dreams are long, detailed and so real feeling.

Okay I have to stop now and put these feet up for awhile before they get uncomfortable. :( I need to move to the laptop in the living room instead of the desktop in the office. Which is where I need to be when I pay bills …. anyway.

What a boring post. … maybe I’ll post later and recap the weekend.

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