Okay, I have two pictures for you. The first is clothed…because you know I don’t really walk around with my shirt up and exposing the belly to the world. Plus, it’s kind of cool to see how it looks … well with clothes on. I guess you could say that Bacon Bit is really showing now. :D

Bacon Bit 22 Weeks 5 Days

The appointment with the NP yesterday went really well. I asked my questions about weight gain, preeclampsia, blood pressure, etc. My blood pressure was 116/72 and the time before that it was 124/74 …. so I am doing REALLY well on that. I attribute the decreased blood pressure this time to making Tim drive me there. Less stress. :D

I had gained 7-8 pounds since my last appointment a month ago for a total of 11-12 pounds total. I am doing FINE she said, and not to worry and that she would really like to see the weight gain continue. She also said that it really is early to see preeclampsia and she really beleives I won’t have a problem. You know when she said that, I realized I believed it too (well, especially after seeing the blood pressure numbers). Whew! Tim and I celebrated the release of anxiety by going to the Eastside Business Club’s fish fry! My god, I love vanilla pudding. How is it I have never truly tasted vanilla pudding before this day? I need to make some. STAT!

She also suggested a Neti Pot for my constantly stuffy nose. The DH and I went out last night and got one at walgreens. I tried it out last night, and so did Tim. I personally didn’t wake up with any breathing problems … so I am willing to continue trying it for a least a week or two. What could it hurt? My nose also doesn’t feel dry and cracked…. Tim didn’t really notice any difference with it.

There you have it. I feel a million times better. I also found inspiration from a commercial this morning where this woman said “Decide you are going to do something and DO it.” Yes, yes. I AM going to take this driver’s test and I will pass. Just gotta whip out the old bucket of courage and take a good long drink. It hasn’t let me down in the past!

Okay. Now I need to go and get our vegetables, target to buy some kind of gift and a new vacuum cleaner…and then to the La Fete de Marquette, and maybe meet up with Oliver to say hi. (Oliver is our after work drinking buddy and Tim’s skating buddy). Tomorrow we are headed to Milwaukee so Tim can hang out with BIL Ben and I will head off with Kelly to attend a Bridal shower for Tim’s youngest brother’s fiance. It’s a salad buffet….I am looking forward to seeing if it’s a green salad buffet or if they will have different kinds of salad. I have never been to one before so …. yeah. Thank goodness I have Kelly to talk too.

Oh and thanks for the encouragement Carla, Jen and Sarah — I appreciate it.

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