I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday we went shopping for a new vacuum cleaner and a bridal shower gift for soon to be Sil-Erica . I got her a coffee grinder, whole bean Icing on the Cake coffee, batteries (to go in the next gift) and some lights that you put in hard to see places..there are four — as seen on TV. I really don’t know how to describe them. Little round … lights that you push for light. Yeah. After Target we went to Chicago Deli off of Buckeye next to PDQ for some Chicago dogs. They aren’t as good as the ones from Home Depot, but they’ll do. After that we drove over to visit BIL Phil and see the litter of kittens they are hosting for a few weeks.

Gosh darn it, why are kittens so freaking cute? I could look at them for hours. Puppies and babies…eh. Kittens?! Let me get a closer look…

Then we went home, and I started to crochet my first doilie! One row shy of finishing we geared up the bikes with the lights and ourselves and road downtown to attend the Fete de Marquette, which is a Bastille themed neighborhood block party. It was great! Free, there were vendors and food — Tim had beer and I had Thai iced tea. We ran into an old college friend of ours — No Show Adams and his wife. It was the first time we were properly introduced to her. A month ago she was pointed out to us as a wedding reception as “No Show’s Wife” but that was it — she was SUPER nice and I really liked her. We later ran into drinking buddy Oliver and sometimes drinking friend Mark and his new girlfriend but the meeting was brief. Eventually we finished our drinks and headed home because we were getting cold.

Sunday morning we slept in. I got up and wrapped the gifts, scrawled out TaterTot casserole for a recipe thing, and got the camera. Even though I brought the camera I didn’t take too many pictures … only two really. None of the bride looking normal, none of sil-Sarah and nephew…blah. I wasn’t into it. Taking pictures at someone else’s party where I know only two people isn’t that much fun. Sil-Kandace (phil’s wife) but she bailed at the last minute. So Tim dropped me off before heading over to his brother Ben’s. The shower was okay…it was more like a wedding shower than a bridal shower. Only one gift was given to the bride for her…I guess I expect more pampering of a bride at these sort of things and for folks to save the crock pots and spatulas for wedding gifts. Yeah I am a total wedding stick in the mud — I can be.

Eventually Kelly showed up (Ben’s girlfriend) and I had someone to talk too. It was much more fun then. The mother in law showed up a 1/2 an hour before it finished (typical) and I got a ride back with Kelly to her place. I LOVE her place. It’s an old, historical barn converted to a house and she graduated with a degree in Interior design before getting into real estate. Her house is so comfortable and inviting I love it. We visited for awhile before deciding to meet up with the boys at Bastille Days. We got lucky with parking and when we showed up we saw that Tim and Ben’s dad was there too! We walked around and ate, and then eventually we got tired and full and left. It was fun though — my first time there. I had a beignet (french pastery), corn on the cob, 1/2 a cream puff and a cajun pulled pork sandwich with COLESLAW on it! I was shocked. I just looked at it and the next customer — a southerner from Tennesee — told me that is how it is served down south. Well, why not? I ate it and it was okay — not something I’m gonna start copying though.

We got home later at night (I had called Phil earlier and asked him to let Pluto out and he did…it’s nice to have relatives nearby), and went to bed.

Today I was exhausted. We were so tired that instead of taking the bus (me) and riding bike (Tim) we drove. I wore glasses, and black maternity pants and teal t-shirt (non maternity) and for some reason realized (okay Tim and my co worker Janet told me) that I am looking pregnant. I guess it’s true. I think I really popped this past week. I can tell you that I certainly felt more tired today. Walking home was super slow because of Bacon Bit pains in the abdomen. My stomach will get hard and sort of uncomfortable until I stop and stretch or just breath and take it easy. I got home and took a nap. I woke up with a headache, just in time to go grocery shopping with Tim.

However, though my friends and coworker’s may think I look more pregnant, I am not yet at the point where I think a stranger can comfortably ask me when my due date is. I think it will take another few weeks for that to happen.

We went to Woodman’s and near the end I was tired. I wanted to go home and just lay down awhile…truth be told I wanted to go to bed, but 8-9 is just too early for that — especially after taking a two hour nap already! So here I am catching up on the internet and yapping at you.

I think when I am done with this though, I will go to bed. I took some tyenol about an hour ago and the pain relief has made me extra sleepy. I think I just did a lot this weekend — lots of walking, and biking = a worn out me.

I had a super good weekend! I am glad that I decided to start making my days more interesting and really take advantage of the summer. For a while there I wasn’t doing jack and was feeling depressed about it.

Just a recap of last week:

Monday-Wednesday: Homebodies
Thursday: dessert with Stephanie and Hilary, followed by drinks at Escape coffee place
Friday: Fish fry with my darling at the Eastside Club and video game playing afterward
Saturday: shopping, visiting Phil and La Fete de Marquette
Sunday: Bridal shower and Bastille days, visiting with Ben and Kelly

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