Tim is off to his Monday night gaming session after scaring the hell out of me by coming home one minute after I did. I was in the bathroom and heard the door open and though “Shit! Who is coming in the house?!?!?” It was Tim. He took a long nap because he hasn’t been feeling well.

For dinner I made a chicken and rice dish/soup type thing that would Samsa approved (gluten free — no wait, it used 3 tbsp of flour as a thickening agent…so if you replaced that with whatever gluten free thickening agent you want….then it would still be good). It was quite good and if you want the recipe give me a shout out. I ate a whole bowl of it and even thought about seconds but then I got full. I have a piece of banana creme pie thawing on the counter for me though.

This weekend was good. My friend Mike (whom I met on the Midnight Sun mud) came to visit. On Friday, after an afternoon of shopping at Maxwell Street days with Kathleen and getting wonderful deals — we met up with Mike and and headed over to Oliver’s to sit on his front porch and drink beer. Oliver had even gotten me root beer! :D Then we tried out this taco delivery place called Burrito Drive and I watched in horror as Oliver ordered AND ate a:

White Trash Burrito: spam, tater tots, boston baked beans, veveeta cheese and el camino salsa (read ketchup).

After that, we headed back for another beer, and then went out to watch the fireworks display over Monona Terrace. They were having a 10 year anniversary celebration. The fireworks were amazing! They really spent a lot of money on a bunch of fireworks that many of us hadn’t seen before…they totally spent more money on that display — for a building, than they did in Elver Park for the United States. :P Isn’t that typical?

I drove us home and chatted a bit more before hitting the sack. I was tired! All that walking around and visiting can tire a person out. On Saturday I made a breakfast of sausage and french toast, with decaf coffee. Tim later headed out to do Coffee with the Hounds at Ground Zero and I visited with Mike until he eventually packed up his stuff and headed out. He had important airplane spotting to go and do. Yeah, airplane spotting….like looking up at the sky and taking pictures of airplanes…. I said it was like car spotting — but Tim said it was more like bird watching. Uh…okay.

The rest of Saturday I was sort of restless and bored…you know that mix. I eventually managed to make myself watch Madea’s Family Reunion (good, except I wouldn’t let any kid of mine 15 or younger watch it), made tacos and corn for dinner, and planted a little garden in the front yard with the help of Tim. It’s so adorable! I can see it now….in a few years we will qualify for Better Homes and Garden spreads….ha ha yeah right. This gardening thing is harder than it looks.

Sunday was spent at home sleeping and reading. I finished reading the Dogs of Babel — and was a little sad by it. Then I made crab stuffed fish and herbed green beans for dinner and watched the 4400. I *heart* Shawn. He’s so cute.

Anyway. I think I am going to watch a short Bollywood flick called Earth and crochet. Since it’s subtitles I am limited on my crafting options. I have the day off tomorrow and I plan on doing some serious office organizing, bill paying and card writing (which I could do tonight…hm.). A week from now I might have my license. I called today to make sure that the appointment is on..and it is! Gah. Please please please let me pass.

This week is Reverence and Tim is planning on going all four nights. I only plan on going Friday night to the High Noon Saloon event –though I would like to see Chuck play on Thursday for Stochastic Theory ...but it’s at the Inferno and that has lots of smoking..but he is playing early and it IS a Thursday so I might be able to get there before it gets too bad and then sneak out…yeah. I’ll bring it up with Tim and see what he says. But Sunday is definitely out. Oh well. I have better things to do like rest up for cherry picking and fudge eating on Sunday in Door County.

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