24 week update — aka six months!!!

I am up far too late. I blame on the chai that I had with Hilary while we sat and walked on State Street — taking in some of the downtown life. Man, Hilary looked AWESOME! Like those pregnant models you see in Target that you secretly think “Yeah right, that’s totally a prosthetic.”

The day I had was sort of lame. I had a headache at noon that went away after some tylenol but came back around 5 after I took a nap. I have been waking up at night with my hips in pain. I got up last night and did some hip exercises which seemed to help….but now it’s both sides of the hips hurting. It goes away after I am up and about. I heard it described as pressure points. I think I am going to try some exercises that was recommended to Hilary by a doctor this past week. After discussing it with her, it would appear it the same pain we are experiencing (at least in the hips).

I am also having a thirsty week. I can’t get enough to drink. Well, actually, I can get enough to drink…it’s just that my mouth feels dry like it wants to drink more. That in turn, makes me have to go pee more — and seriously, Bacon Bit does not like to have it’s space invaded…and getting punched/kicked/poked from in the inside to the bladder…feels incredibly strange and uncomfortable.

I flossed last night and nearly bleed to death doing so. Everywhere that floss touched, blood started to gush out. I had to floss three or four teeth and then rinse to empty my mouth of all the blood. It was incredibly disgusting and disturbing. Here I thought I was better because my gums stopped being sore after brushing them. I guess I was wrong. I hate flossing…but I am committed to trying to remember to do it at least once a week.

My nose is still trying to suffocate me. I have to get up sometimes and cleanse it out with some water…I use the neti pot about twice a week — but it’s a pain to do because that area is so clogged it takes FOREVER for the water to go through…and honestly I didn’t notice that much of a difference.

I think I had some round ligament pain today. It went away after coming home and laying down for awhile. I expect I’ll just get more as the time progresses…still not to shabby for where I am at.

Overall, I think everything is going really good. I am not uncomfortable all the time. I am starting to sort of believe that this might be real, and in doing so am thinking about starting a registry….we are still going to go with the amazon idea — but I am going to need to compile a list of things that other Mom’s/Dad’s think one must have for a new baby.

So there it is. What do we really need to make sure we are ready (as one can be) for a baby? Suggestions appreciated.

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