Bed is where I should be. Yes, bed. I got another headache today. I think I am going to start marking down when they are bad…start a headache journal if you will. My darling was exceptional…he got went and got me a 8pack of little coke classics (there was no caffiene in our house) and also went to Walgreen’s to buy some headon — apply directly where it hurts. I feel sort of stupid for not getting the peppermint oil on Sunday …. but oh well. The headon and caffeine worked to kick it to the side corner.

Now my dilemna is…do I underestimate it again and just take plain tylenol before bed? Or go for the big gun and make sure it doesn’t come back for awhile. I like to be stingy with those pills…then again I do have another doctor’s appointment in less than two weeks and I could get more I need it.

Other new developments in Bacon Bit Land include: cankles, linea nigra (cool!!!), probably a few more pounds, much more definitive baby movements – enough that I am going to send the doppler back this week (or at least try to….we all know how I can be about getting to the post office…though now that I have my driver’s license it should be much easier), slight food aversion — mostly texture related, and the reemergence of naps!

I had a super weekend full of Reverence music — went out Thursday and Friday for actual shows, and stayed on the couch for the Saturday portion watching it on my laptop. It was fun because it felt interactive by texting with Tim back and forth. I got a shoutout from Matt at the beginning AND Tim won a $100 gift certificate to Capitol City tattoo! It was hilarious to hear Matt call Tim’s name…I think he was more shocked that Tim was! Tim was also very adorable walking up to the stage to get it. Now, what does a dude who is afraid of needles, get for his tattoo? How big are $100 tattoos? Hm.

I went garage sailing to the St. Dennis Festival on Saturday with Amy and her boys. I got a some books on crocheting and got lots of new doilie type thread, as well as some Christmas cards, tiny Christmas tree candles, hand knit wash clothes (only a dollar each!!!) and … some other small things. It was a good haul! We came back afterward to eat cinnamon rolls and chat while Tim played micromachines with the boys.

Sunday I got up super early and drove Laima (her car) and I up to Green Bay to meet with Jen and her family to go and visit Door County. Laima and I had never been there…it was really cool! NOT what I expected at all. In the course of one day we: ate lunch outside, waded in water, picked up rocks to take a souvenirs, ate a dinner of fried food and free beer, shopped in dozens of adorable little shops, ate fudge, bought candy, saw a fish boil, saw the tip of WI, picked cherries — but most of all had a really good time visiting with friends. :D I have TONS of pictures documenting the adventure that will find there way here (well actually the gallery) hopefully this week. I’ll let you know when I update — it will actually be the whole month of July there.

Last, but not least, tomorrow (or rather in one hour and 20 minutes) is our anniversary! Nine years ago on August 1st, we said our “I Do’s” and walked down the aisle hand in hand to start our lives together. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone — and at the same time I can’t remember ever not having Tim in my life. It just goes to show that all those horoscope predictions about how terrible of a pairing of an aquarius and scorpio is can be wrong. We are going to celebrate (as is our tradition) by going out to eat — this time it’s NOT a chain resturant — it’s a new place on State Street called the Madcity Crab House (it’s now where Ginza’s of Tokoyo is or Ton Ton’s used to be).

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Darling!

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