Last night the DH and I went on a practice drive to the doctor’s office. I think I got it….the only problem might be coming back…but this morning I was able to visulize it perfectly. Perhaps that means I only needed a night’s sleep to commit the route to memory. It is also, the way to the movie theater I might add. ;) So now I know how to get to and return from:

-the mall and it’s surrounding stores, including cool beans
-the doctor’s
-hilary’s and phil/kandace
-anywhere on willie street or atwood

GAH I am hungry…hold on. I am going to nuke my eggplant parmesean from last night. Man was that tasty…

I feel sort of sorry for my darling. He is experiencing sympathetic weight gain. It’s like whatever he does to avoid it, calories and pounds just attack him from left and right! Just kidding. It’s not as bad as he likes to let on or bemoan. Men. I have been assured (and in turn assured him) from very reliable sources that this weight will not remain after Bacon Bit is born. I hope I go back to normal … if I go by my Mom…she went back to normal after the first three kids. It was four and five, that she blames for the major package of pounds. I don’t think we’ll have that problem seeing as we have only so much money….we are thinking of one more runaround with the reproductive folks to try and get number 2 … and then after that thinking of other options.

[time passed]

Oh I forgot I was making a post while eating lunch! Ha ha. It was good. Just enough today. This has been a good week at work — no one is here! I have managed to get lots of little projects done…though not as much as one would have expected, I am sure. I guess I should really apply myself and get loads done tomorrow to make up for the week. It’s not my fault it is a slow time at work!

I have to do photos for July this Friday, and the latest belly shot. Even I am impressed at the difference between the two (just based on a mirror appraisal). Though the scale only indicates a 5 pound weight gain. Of course that is MY scale, not the evil doctor’s one. Anyway, my camera is full and it needs to be emptied.

I went on MeetUp today to see if there were any good meetups in my neck of the woods…and alas there were not. I am surprised considering there has been a bunch of publicity for it in Redbook, Good Housekeeping and on Oprah. I had recently been reminded of that from an old penpal. Apparently my subconscious thought it was a good idea and woke me up with a burning desire to go and check it out as soonas humanly possible. I also dreamed I wanted to join a secret bridge playing society that also liked to play other games. Hmmm bridge. I had never played this before or even considered it….I wonder…is it hard to learn?

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