What a night. Our water heater is busted and is leaking it’s life’s blood all over the basement. It was soaked up into all the carpet squares and rugs we had down there. I spent most of this afternoon cleaning it up. No fun. We also possibly made a rash decision in which we ordered a water heater from Home Depot. I looked up online to see if there were any bad reviews … and of course the internet is loaded with them.

We can’t forget that the internet loves to tell horror stories. So that is mostly what I found. The biggest complaint is the subcontractor part…sigh. I guess we’ll see. We are going to talk to them on the phone and get information…and if we feel like they are going to try and do more work … (to generate MORE money from us) then we are going to cancel and just deal with cold water and replacing the water heater when we get back.

I’m tired. :(

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