I am sitting on the couch at my BIL’s place while Tim, his brother and his girlfriend are out playing a round of bocci. I am feeling like standing around and want to NOT swell up before I even get on the plane. Plus, I feel like I might be having problems digesting lunch (chicken sandwich, 3 onions rings and small root better at this place in Milwaukee called Kopps).
Our water heater broke on Thursday. We ordered a water heater from Home Depot. Sub Contractor comes the next day to tell us that he can’t install it because we don’t have a chimney liner. He leaves and we are $100 poorer for that information. We spend all day on the phone figuring out our options for water heaters and chimney vent vs power vent….and in the end cancel Home Depot. We have an appointment set up for an estimate chimney liner deal on Tuesday when we get back…and no water heater in sight (depends on estimate). This means, when we get back we will have no hot water for about a week or so. Hurray!
At least I have tons of experience growing up without hot water…trust me. Not having hot water doesn’t even compare to not having running water.
I drove to my August Doctors appointment by myself, without getting lots or killing anyone. I gained ….. drumroll please….. remember last time it was 8 pound….this time it was ….. four. :D For a total of 15 pounds so far.
I drank the orange drink that was fine…it tasted like Crush. I asked them how many calories were in it, and was first told “No one ever asks because no one cares at this point…” followed by “I don’t know.”
No one cares? Come on. I care! I was SHOCKED last month when I bought a vending machine Nutty Bar only to find that there were 740 calories in the bitch!!! 740! Anyway. I still don’t know the answer…:(
The good part is I got my results today via MyChart — (I came online to see if our plane was delayed …it isn’t so far….) and:
My number was 120 and the typical normal range is between 70-140 mg/dL.
So I take that to mean, I passed! Hurray!!! Where are the donuts? Just kidding.
I did take a belly shot photo yesterday, as well as downloaded all my July photos…but I didn’t get a chance to upload them because of the water heater, packing, and appointments. Man by the time I get back and do anything about them, I’ll have a double whammy for you.
Oh, and I learned that my OBGYN that I picked is pregnant and having a baby in October. Huh. So much for having her around…I made appointments to meet with the other dude for the two weeker appointments so he can get to know my private parts. Ha ha. Just kidding. I don’t know what they do at that point. I hope he’s not creepy.

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