Hello! We are back from Vacation. We had a great time, and I will try to put up pictures later this week. But first I had to catch up for the July Photos.

July was a busy month. We went to a Greyhound Ice Cream social, Cherry Picking, Visiting with Friends and going to a surprise going away party. You can visit them by clicking the link above or to the side.

Vacation was great, we went beach combing, went to Acadia National Park, ate lobster, went kayaking, read a lot (I finished Harry Potter), went on a whale watching trip way out into the Atlantic Ocean, had a plane delay in Minneapolis, and over all had a relaxing time. Vacation always seems to go by so quickly. Thank goodness for pictures to look back on.

We still have a broken water heater, but you know I can live without hot water a little bit. I boiled water for a bath and had one this afternoon. Will have to do the same this evening for the DH, but overall it isn’t that bad. I mean, what do you really need hot water for? Bathing and dishes…those are our major needs. We only use hot water for washing once a month when I do a load of whites…everything else is in cold water. In any case, we are still in the middle of looking for estimates on the chimney liner.

Also, I am the 3rd trimester now! Wow, it goes by so quickly. I decided to just wait until Thursday and then show the 26 and half photo and the 28 and half photo at the same time. There is definitely a no hide belly there — though no one has asked me when I am due yet, nor have I gotten any special attention. In fact, the whole time we were on vacation I kept getting asked if I wanted alcohol or told I should do nonpregnant things. Sheesh! When are the special privileges supposed to kick in?

Also, I know this is a long shot – but if you know anyone who might be looking into giving up their baby for adoption, please give this couple a look. They are really neat people and would be great parents! Visit: Jamie Loves Chris for more information. Pass on the info to anyone you think might be interested or know someone who might be interested.

I gotta take a nap. I’m tired and it’s 3 … I always feel tired between 3 and 4.

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