Christmas Time 2011

I turned off the TV, found the awful smell in the kitchen — cleaned it up and then some of the kitchen and am currently letting incense try and take care of the lingering smell. Yuck. Anyway, while doing dishes is productive in that dishes get clean, it’s also an excellent way to think about tons of mundane things. That is for another post. This post is going to try and finish a photo post I started the other day.

Checking out the Christmas Tree at the Capitol. A passerby was kind enough to take our photo for me. It was really a super day, everyone was so nice and held doors open for me, and smiled at the girls. It was one of those days that felt straight out of a Christmas movie about the awesomeness of small town life.

Noah and Morella at the Solstice party at Olbrich. We have gone 3 out of 5 years and this is the first without snow. We didn’t stay long because the “punk fire” burned out fast and it was extremely muddy and dark.

Neeners and Noah’s Mom – Ann.

One of each of the things we made for the annual cookie box, minus the peanut blossom that I added after the fact.

Christian invited us to his annual family Christmas party. The girls had a wonderful time dancing in front of complete strangers next to the Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve brunch at Lowen’s house. We decided it’s gonna be a yearly thing, it was so nice.

Soren reaching after Neener’s hair and Morella.

Morella’s with Clara’s Mother at the Nutcracker performance on Christmas Eve

Neeners felted stocking is the unfinished one of the right. I swear those things take 60 hours of work.

Tim and Morella on Christmas Day

Our first family Christmas Dinner together at home. Morella is the only dressed and we do dinner at 5:00. ;) It was pure awesome.

I had a hard time deciding on photos taken and narrowed a bunch of them down, but even so it’s too much to put on a post. Therefore I have decided to post them on Facebook and you can see the rest of the photos by clicking on the following link: The Holidays 2011.


In the last minutes of Christmas day 2011, I just have to note that I wrote 8 pages in my journal about how awesome and great the entire weekend was for me. It was like a dream come true…the kind that just happen and you go along with, that is. The Christmas clock just sang it’s 12:00 song and I should go to bed “early” for a change. I was in bed after making everything perfect at 1:30 am last night and Neeners was up and chatting to me at 7:00. Too many late nights…but it was all so worth it.

This was hands down, the best Christmas I have ever had thanks to my wonderful family and friends.

December to do and photos

Sorry, it has been forever. I have been meaning and wanting to post but lets face it, December is a brutally busy month for all of us. I have a few minutes right now to edit photos and write something down. Tim has a half day today so he is downstairs playing with the girls and Soren finally passed out. Having Soren is such a lovely reminder that in general, I do not miss little babies — all that carrying and trying to decipher what the heck it is that they want now. Though Soren is a good kid. ;)

Anyway. It is so nice to have a minute to myself to take a breather and write. I might have to do this tidbit style to get more down.

–I love Christmas shopping hours. I love being able to go to almost any store I want at 11:00 PM to browse in peace and quiet. It’s brilliant, though I feel a little bad for the clerks that people like me make them stay open that late.

–We finished our annual Cookie Box yesterday and delivered them all (except two). This year’s plate included: Russian Tea Cake, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Sugar cookies with royal icing, snickerdoodles, white chocolate covered marshmallows dipped in sprinkles, rolo turtles, peppermint and pecan saltine toffee (separate batches), fudge with walnuts, thumbprint cookies with bumbleberry jam, spiced molasses cookies, spritz cookies with cherry and almond flavors, and cream cheese mints. Everyone is always so happy and surprised to get them from us, though some neighbors I know look forward to it.

–Had Morella make her own, and help with Neeners Santa letter and then went to Macy’s to deliver them to the Santa box. For every letter received they donated a dollar to the Make a Wish Foundation. While we were at Hilldale we had dumplings and noodles with Sigrid and then browsed the great toy store Playthings.

–Took the girls to see the big Christmas Tree at the Capitol, looked at the train, went to Capitol Kids to Christmas shop for cousins and then had pizza at Ian’s. My favorite pizza place.

–Morella had her 4 year well check. She now officially weights 32 pounds! We broke the 30 barrier! Hip hip hooray! And she measured at 39 1/2 inches. Though at home she measures 40.25. When asked if she wanted to get her shots now or wait a year, she oped for waiting a year. Smart kid. She did however fail the drawing a triangle, square and plus sign test, as well as the knowing her first and last name portion. She got a vision test and passed that with flying colors and was able to draw a wonderful person. I gave everyone in my play group a heads up as their kids head into their 4 years, and everyone has been practicing. I am happy to report that right now both girls know their full name.

–Ordered, received, updated address database, wrote the Christmas letter and got all our cards mailed out. There was a happy accident and we got an extra hundred cards free of charge, so we were able to send everyone a primo card this year. :D

[The girls are back upstairs.... bummer]

St. Nick’s presents. Since their shoes are so little, I had to wrap everything to keep it together and placed it on top.

Morella went to the dentist for the second time ever. She did great! No cavities, though I got some wordage on how she should visit a orthodontist when she is 7 for a consultation based on how her baby teeth grew in.

Morella is such a good listener and does so good at the doctors office. She loves leaving the dentist with a bag full of goodies especially.

Morella in one of her Nutcracker outfits. She has been obsessed with the Nutcracker. I can’t wait for tomorrow…she is going to just explode into little Morella bits. I bought her a new party dress, shoes and tights for tomorrow. In this photo she is opening a belated birthday/early christmas present from my Mom. She got a baby dolls and a bunch of baby things to go with it. She immediately called the new baby “Good Soren” and went on and on about how he never cried, went to sleep when he should and never spits up. For some inexplicable reason, she is grossed out by Soren. I think its because she expects him to barf any second.

Speaking of which, here is the boy passed out on the couch.

Morella’s letter to Santa

Neeners letter to Santa

At Hilldale. The nice thing about Hilldale is that they have a Santa that you can pose with and take your own pictures. The girls weren’t interested in that, though they did wave to him.

Morella sending her letter.

Neeners picking her nose. There is a 50/50 chance she another sinus infection or if this is just a new hobby.

Merry Snismas!

Cookies, the Nut Cracker, new family traditions

This is like the second day in a row (fingers crossed) that there isn’t something wrong with me. I have struggled with the recurrence of a badly pinched nerve in my neck, then on Saturday I got a terrible migraine that made talking and thinking difficult. Ugh. Enough already.

Saturday Morella woke up with a tissue applied to her nose and hasn’t let up since. Neeners copied her on Sunday and so now we have two boogery girls, but at least they are getting better and there were no fevers involved. It’s interesting. When they were babies, every time they got sick they got a fever. Every single time. Now they can get sick but not have a fever…I wonder if that is just a side effect of experience? Hm.

The family started to make cookies yesterday. I made nut cookies (tea cakes), peanut butter blossoms, cream cheese mints, and the dough for the sugar cookie cutouts. The day before Tim and Morella made the snickerdoodles. All cookies are frozen now. It helps for us to not eat them that way and keeps them fresh until we are done with all of them and ready for the Grand Dispersal. ;) I am not sure what I am going to do today. Take a shower I guess. Cut out and bake sugar cookies, and make spritz? I am not a fan of cutting out, baking and decorating sugar cookies in one day. It’s too much and way to easy to get cookie burnout. I don’t like the idea of taking the girls out of the house when they are coughing and emitting large volumes of yellow snot every five minutes. I guess I could clean too, since I feel better. Really what I want to do is a bunch of stuff for myself. Like journal, and wrap gifts and stuff like that.

The girls have been terrible about going to bed the last two weeks. I mean terrible. Like 11:30PM terrible. It’s like they are taking turns staying up until I go to bed. We put them to bed at reasonable times, usually between 7:30 and 9:00, depending on how late they stayed up the night before, but they just won’t stay there. Morella has been up because she can’t go to sleep with her boogers and waits until she passes out. Neeners was up because she dumped a whole bunch of liquid in her bed when she fell asleep with her nighttime cup. Or Morella will have nightmares 2-4 times a night. Or Neeners isn’t sleeping because she took too late of a nap and we couldn’t wake up her in time.

But you know what? IT doesn’t matter how long she sleeps. If either of these kids so much as have a 10 minute nap during the day they will not go to bed. The rule with Morella is that she doesn’t get naps anymore unless we are traveling or she is sick. But Neeners….she still wants that nap expect she pushes it back to 3 now and that is too late. She can make it without a nap but only until 6:30 or 7:00 and those are rather unpleasant hours.

Anyway, sorry I digressed into a sleep post (boring) but my point is that I have not had a minute to myself in many, many days. Okay that isn’t completely true. I do go out and run errands and leave the kids with Tim. But then sometimes I also take one of them with me. I took Neeners with me on Saturday to State Street to pick up my tickets to the Nut Cracker.

Oh my gosh. I gotta tell you about that one. Last month I had this idea that I wanted to take Morella to the Nutcracker. I looked online and saw the ticket prices and decided against it. Decent seats were at least $30 bucks each and the best were upwards of $60. There was no way I was going to take Morella up into the triple balcony, nose bleed seats for the bargain price of $9-12. They were, however, having a give away of tickets. I consulted with Tim and we agreed that a spending that much on a 4 year old going to a show was just too much, but if I won tickets then that might be different.

Well, I won! I won tickets! I had to call to find out where they were, but when I first discovered that I won I didn’t think I would be able to go because the show times were Friday the 23rd at 7:00 (no good), Saturday the 24th at 2:00, and Monday the 26th at 1:00. We were still planning on going up to his parents at that point so it wasn’t gonna happen. THEN, we had Thanksgiving, in which I made a considerable sacrifice to only do a day trip to visit my family instead of spending the weekend. I commented to Tim on the way back how disappointed I was that we were not going to be able to set in stone our own Christmas traditions with the girls. No Santa, or opening a present the night before. Not being able to visit friends Christmas eve and share cookies and eggnog. Not being able to see the girls wake up on Christmas morning and drink some hot coco as they tear into gifts….awww. Anyway. Tim suggested then that we shouldn’t go. We should stay here and then go up to visit them on Christmas day and spend the afternoon with everyone. We would go to our own Christmas Eve service in Madison and then have all Christmas day to ourselves and family. Then we would drive back, and not have to kennel the dog, and everyone would get to sleep in their own beds.

Okay. We made this momentous decision and suddenly a whole world of things opened up to us. A big Christmas party on Friday night, and then I get to take Morella to the Nut Cracker in our $32 each seats on Christmas Eve. Oh my gosh, she is going to be so excited. We are both going to dress up, and have a magical afternoon. She is going to be so surprised, excited and thrilled. I have already prepped her by watching the Maurice Sendak Nut Cracker Ballet on TV on one of the nights she wouldn’t go to bed.

In other news we started putting Neeners in underwear after taking off her nighttime diaper. Normally she hasn’t done anything, and will hold it until afternoon nap diaper. But yesterday she pooped in her panties and I had to clean that up. She had only peed in the potty once a couple weeks ago. A part of me can’t help but to compare how at this exact age, Morella potty trained herself.

The girls are in their flyboats reading books to me, and sitting with their stuffies. I wonder when I will ever get to use those plastic storage bins for … storage.

It was a pretty good weekend, and I tell you about today…Tuesday? Figures. Anyway. We managed to get out to a Christmas party on Saturday night at Bill S’s house. He had a white elephant exchange going on and I got a … ugh…. a Nagel print of a woman with sunglasses on. My friends. I hate Nagel. I don’t know many artist names, but I know his because I hate it that much, and I “won” it. I couldn’t for the life of me get anyone else to take it. So here it sits. Either someone who loves Nagel tells me they want it, or I figure out how to repurpose the frame. It is a rather nice frame. Tim’s prize was something I told him to steal – a Celtic Christmas 2 disc CD. These people thought that was bad?! If I could have only gotten the Cat Calander and puzzle I would have cleaned up. Alas…Nagel. (puke)

Morella is wailing in the bathroom. Trying to force cry this one to keep going for another five minutes. It’s pretty dramatic and fake sounding at this point. The lastest trigger in this overtired preschooler is that Neeners got to the bathroom first. Man. This after having an awesome day. I took her to her dentist appointment, came home and put Neeners down for a nap, and then took Morella to the Mall so that she could look around and get ideas for what she wanted to ask Santa. She picked out the Melissa and Doug Cupcake set, followed by another tea set. Ugh. Not another tea set.

New Mommies and Fairy Houses

My neck really hurts today, on day three of bad kinked neck. I figured out what caused the problem though! The other night Neeners came into our room and asked to cuddle. So laying down, I reached over and picked her up and realized that my neck was strained … and then BINGO! That is it! Neeners is the cause of my kinked neck. I am straining my whole left side when I pick her up from a laying position to get into bed with us. Ugh. So no more of that. I am desperate for relief today and am currently trying an Icy Hot Patch (Target knock off). The sensation is so, very weird. I am battling with the urge to take it off, but then if I do that it is wasted and maybe I just need to go through this in order for it to finally feel better. Right? I tried my massage pillow earlier and some ibuprofen and nothing. What I probably need to do is just lie in bed for a few days with a couple great books, some movies and my stocking felt craft that I am working on, oh and the lap top in case in get inspired to write. That would cure me, I am sure.

Anyway. I took the girls out for lunch at Hyvee and then a trip to Target for toliet paper, which also meant we got five dollars worth of dollar bin stuff, tweezers (two pairs because I am sick of always losing them), target brand icy hot patches and some “christmas” glitter nail polish that I am going to do as an advent activity. OH and a coffee for me on the way out. I take the girls to the car, load the stuff and then hear Morella whispering over and over “I have to go pee. I have to go pee.”

“What?” I asked.
“I have to go pee!” She hollered in response.
“Why didn’t you say something when we were in the store?” I asked and threw bags behind her into the back.
“I have to go pee!” she repeated.
“Well, you are just gonna have to wait until we get home,” I said. “Now get in your seat.” She started screaming and saying “Hurry! Hurry!” and sitting like a plank in her seat. Meanwhile Neeners is chugging soda from her sippy cup and looking nonchalant.

“Do you really really have to go?” I asked.
“I have to pee!” she cried.
“Fine,” I said. “Just fine. We have to go all the way across the parking lot, back into the store just so you can go pee when we could have been done already if you had just said something.” I took her out of the car, carried Neeners and grabbed my keys and wallet before locking the car. We marched back into the store (and when I mean we park far away, we do. It’s always busy at the East Target and is a 3 minute walk) with Morella sobbing the whole way. We get into the bathroom and she continues to bawl despite a countdown and peeing. Finally when she is done she says “I want a hug after I am done peeing!” I say “Okay.” And help her.

After she washes her hand, and I refuse to carry both of them, and we exit the store, she says “I no want you. I don’t want you Mommy.”

“Well,” I say holding their hands and walking them “I am sure we could find another Mom somewhere in this parking lot”.

“No Mommy. I am just crabby. That is why I say that.”
“I know you are,” I reply and bundle them into the car.

Last week, Morella’s godmother by marriage Kelly sent her a birthday present. A wonderful, fantastic beautifully crafted fairy house.

For more pictures of the fairy house and details please visit: The Wonderful Fairy House album.

Thank you so much Kelly. We all love it and will cherish it for years to come.

To do, sick and thoughts

My neck hurts today. I seem to get that tortucali.s..slslhlsj  … uh kinked neck on a monthly basis.  Maybe it was because Morella ended up in my bed for most of last night and then tagged teamed with Neeners. But really, she kept to her own side, whereas Neeners wants to cuddle.  So it’s probably Neeners fault.

Last night I felt miserable! The cold hit its peak and was exploding every other minute. It made me think of how Morella cries when it is like that and how miserable it just is.  Regardless,  Tim made dinner and we made some sugar cookies, then decorated them so that we would have Christmas cookies, real home made hot coco on the stove, Christmas music and a cozy living room to decorate the tree.  Morella and Neeners did a fabulous job, and yes the bottom is a little more decorated than anywhere else, but I don’t feel the need to fix it. It looks fine. I looks like kids helped and did an awesome job of it.

I have done two online shopping things this year. JC Penny and GAP … I usually never shop online for Christmas presents, but this year the deals were good enough to not get dressed and go to a store hoping that they would have what I wanted.  So that will be fun to get things in the mail.   What I really need to do this morning is check my credit card balance (we have been using that card more to pay for everyday things to get the rewards money) and pay the mortgage.  I also need to take a shower.  Who knows, maybe it will help me feel better.  Oh you know what would make me feel better for sure?  Pain killers.  BRB.

There we go.  The girls have been playing so well together this morning. I didn’t get up until close to 10. Tim let me sleep in…he says…but you know the girls play together so well in the morning that we can get away with sleeping in or dozing.  My excuse is that I was up several times … and uh, I am sick.  :P   You think I would feel better though, and why do I feel guilty about it?  I mean, they are doing great playing with each other. What am I supposed to do? And yes, I have been on the laptop a lot this morning, but I had Christmas shopping to do!  And now I need to post because I haven’t posted frequently in forever.   I think I mentioned it already, but it is because Tim works from home now and my access to the desktop is limited.  You just can’t do that much on the Ipad other than look at things, not without it being a big of a chore.

Today.  I have to shower, pay some bills, take the kids in for their flu shot, clean up.  Get Morella to work on her birthday thank you’s a little more, work on cleaning up the house (forever in progress).  I also wanted to look up ideas for Christmas countdown activities. You know each day the kids get to move the candy candy to the next slot and then pick a fun activity out of a stocking.   I also need to write an email to the book club because I have been awful about it.  I am not a very good book club leader right now.  I am not a very good leader in anything at this point, to be honest.  I feel like my focus the last few months has to been to reconnect with myself and old friends, the house and the enjoy the holidays with my kids.   Maybe I spread myself too thin.

Alright. I gotta take a shower, get dressed, get Morella dressed and unassemble the “mountain” that the girls built in their room that has every single stuffie, blanket and pillow in the house thrown together.  Hold on, I’ll take a picture. I will have to use Tim’s phone camera. His phone is like new, whereas mine is beat the heck up.  Case in point why more women’s clothing needs pockets.  I apologize for the big size. The laptop doesn’t have a photo editing program on it.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Coffee is brewing, the kids have been fed and its now almost 10:30. Neeners has been staying up late and getting up early to rampage around the house. It’s hard on a Mom, I tell you. ;) Anyway. We are all up now, though I still haven’t put in my contacts and my day never feels started until I take these broken glasses off. [Break for tying brown ribbon on Apple Jack] The kids knocked them down a couple weeks ago off my night stand. I knew they had fallen, so I had taken extra care to step down far away and … crunch. Sigh. I have a newer pair but I don’t like them because they keep stretching way out and falling off my face. I have had them adjusted twice and … ugh. This old trusty pair also has nose pieces, which I find I like very much. You don’t need to adjust them as much. [Break to tell Neeners I don't know where another school bus is.]

There I got a cup. I also found “mocha chocolate spoon swirl” that I got in the spring [Break for tying another ribbon on Rarity] a while back. The handle was broken but the rest was wrapped in plastic and still looked good. So far it is pretty good and I feel all fancified. [Break for putting on animal saddle onto Twilight Sparkle].

I have another cold and I blame it on running out of fish oil. I had gotten a huge vat of it back in the spring at Costco with Lowen and had filled my old container since the new one was so big. [Pause to admire the bucket on Rainbow Dash's leg]. I have now been out a week and I have no idea where the big container is. I think it might be in the hallway closet since I searched the basement to no avail. Stupid, stupid colds. Last year I was vigilant about fish oil, and barely got sick. This year? Ugh. [Pause to break up a fight. Morella is hoarding toys and Neeners started playing with some of them.]

Thanksgiving was good. We got up, watched the Macy’s Parade and got ready. Then we headed up to visit my brother and have dinner at his neighbor’s, who is my younger brother’s aunt. So it’s not like we totally just crashed a thanksgiving. The food was awesome and plentiful, the kids all got along great, they had kittens for Neeners to crush on, and the weather was play outside warm. We just had to stay near the house because the woods were echoing with the sounds of guns. Seriously, what happened to the old fashioned one shot, pause, another shot? The noises I was hearing sounded like an all out war. I was also a little disappointed later to realize I barely hung out with Shane, but that was because he kept going back to his house and I couldn’t leave the kids and they wanted to be around the other kids. Oh well, it was probably for the better. He had chainsaws all over his kitchen. Maybe I will go and visit him again before Christmas, though each weekend seems so busy. I could go on a Monday or Sunday though. Hmm.

We headed back around 6:30 and made it home by 9 ish. We had to stop in the Dells for a potty and donut break. It was one of the only gas stations open in the whole area. [Pause to tell Morella that Twlight Sparkle keeps falling out of the scooter airplane because she wasn't made for that toy]. I had seriously considered going out and doing some black friday shopping because most of it started at midnight. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had many chances to do shopping after midnight and it just reminded me of those exotic store openings only for celebrities after hours. In the end, I was tired and I saw that I didn’t want most of the things offered. I checked out JC Penny and saw that their deals were available online right away (stores didn’t open until 4). So I shopped there. I got an awesome wooden, adjustable easel that can also convert to a table for only $40. Incredible. I also got a nice pair of leggings for 9, a pair of delicate white, ruffle [Pause to listen to Morella's heroic tale of finding Neeners kitty] ballerina jammies for Morella and a 7 pack of My Little Pony Underwear for Morella. I admit, Morella won out on this one, but she outgrew her underwear went from 20 pairs to 6. I think the Easel might be the “big” Christmas present for the kids. [Pause to play christmas music on Pandora].

After I finished my shopping, Tim and I played some Borderlands and then went to bed. Friday we spent it home and in the backyard, working on individual projects and recovering from the hustle and bustle. Saturday Morella’s friend Noah for over for the afternoon while his parents went to a Badger game. I got a lot done during the day even though I was low energy and not focused (getting sick). I cleaned the kitchen, made dinner (meatloaf), took down some birthday decorations and converted the pink ones into little pom pom’s, looked at a bunch of old magazines, cleaned Morella’s room (she trashed it with Noah) and some other stuff that I can’t remember right now. Oh I bathed the kids too, that has to count for something. No more coloring on the walls though, the washable crayons are super hard to get out of the sanded grout lines. OH well, there are a thousand other things they can do in the tub.

After the kids were supposed to be in bed, I figured it was time to start working on Neeners stocking to see if I could finish it before Christmas. First I had to spent an hour looking for it. Eventually I found it behind the couch. Hurray! Of course the whole time I had a little helper…Neeners did not go bed. Instead she followed me every step of the way and asking me what I was doing. After I found it, I sat on the couch with a hot drink and choose a movie to watch. We had recorded a bunch of ones from the free VIP Uverse weekend. Neeners stayed up and watched Gnomeo and Juliet (bleh) with me and lounge on my lap with teary eyes and a sniffley nose. When I saw the state of how miserable she looked I realized then that I was sick and it wasn’t just a blip. After the movie was done I put her to bed and watched Gulliver’s Travels (Jack Black) and worked on the stocking. OH man, to be able to sit down and do my two favorite things — watch movies and craft? Heaven!

[Huge time taken to look download and look through photos to post from Gaga Lori, and then realized I had closed this window, and then Morella feel backwards into a hard box, and thank goodness for autosaving drafts].

Here are some choice photos taken by Gaga Lori (My younger brother Andrew, who didn’t feel the need to show up because he is 20 and full of it). I have yet to look at my camera.

Dessert eating for all

All the kids playing after dinner

Half of the grownups taking their turn at the table.  Why are we all wearing black?  Sheesh.

Cody and I outside watching kids and looking at Lil Bit.

Thanksgiving Sunset in Dells Dam

Shane returning from giving the girls a ride in his Tank.

After coming inside crafting.

Neeners getting ready for her first kitten holding, which she kept up the rest of the time we were there.

Neeners, the Kitten Whisperer. Tim and I were genuinely sad that we couldn’t bring one home for her. However, we have three bastards that need to go before we get another one.

Well, I suppose that took up a major chunk of the morning. It’s 12:00 now and I should probably think about paying some attention to the kids and working on clearing out the space where the Christmas tree will go. I finally broke down and took some tylenol and feel a little better. Or maybe it’s because I am almost through my second large cup of coffee.  Whatever, it’s time to go.

Morella: Age 4

Tonight as we put the girls to bed, I hugged Morella and kissed her thrice as it would be the last time for my three year old Morella. Tonight at 1:42am I will have a four year old daughter. A bright, beautiful, funny, silly, creative, loving, sensitive sweet sweet little girl. Though I can’t tell you that she is little within her earshot, or she will be quick to correct.

“I a big girl.”

In the journey of three, Morella has:

–Become a fish and loves to be in the water
–Gone on her first family vacation
– Ridden a boat three times
–Rode in a horse drawn carriage
–Learned how to pump on a swing
–Mastered using scissors
–Learned to draw recognizable figures and things
–Excells in speaking (maybe a little too much ;)
–Feeds the cats and dog
–Became best friends with her sister
–Learned how to peddle a three wheeler bike
–Can ride and do tricks on her scooter better than any other kid I know
–First tea party
–Knows all about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
–Put on her first dance recital (in house specials)
–Took pre-ballet
–Participated in two seasons worth of soccer (Team Unisaurs)
–Had a great birthday where no one got violently I’ll
–Got a membership to one of her favorite places, Olbrich Gardens
–Participated in Ride the Drive
–Rollerbladed with her Daddy
–Painted the basement and bathroom with me
–Became a wonderful shopping companion
–Understands social embarrassment (we are struggling with this)
–Started sharing a room with her sister
–Began picking out her own library books
–Can put train tracks together
–Is brilliant in imaginative play
–Her hair is now halfway down her back
–Is 40 3/4 inches tall
–Has started to eat more than just the frosting on cake
–Can jump 360
–Is a great help in the kitchen and can measure accurately
–Had her first overnight stay at her grandparents (2 days)
–Went to Bay Beach 3 times
–Stayed at her Dega’s for a week with me and Neeners
–Still loves pink
–Was a butterfly Princess Fairy for Halloween
–Can compose songs and loves to sing
–Favorite song(s) Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, Winnie the Pooh Theme Song, Sky Full of Lighters by Good VS Evil
–Switched to whole milk (flavored with strawberry syrup)
–Progressed to more complicated stories (fairy tales, wordy books)
–Can make up and tell her own stories
–Still gets pretty nervous and scared about tension in movies
–Had her first real fever dream
–Struggles with nightmares after late bedtimes and “scary” things
–Can count to 10
–Can climb most play structures unassisted

And finally, the last day of being 3.

Happy Birthday to the girl who made me Mom.

Tired. Ugh. I should really be in bed right now instead of tapping put a post here. But some post is better than no post.

  • I finished the bathroom. I tiled, reputed, and sealed twice. I had the contractor come and caulk it all as well as rethread the wainscot. I painted the walls a light grey. I sanded and painted the wood part of the vanity a dark grey. I moved all the stuff back into the bathroom and went through it all. I was the shower liner and rehung it (I used to just throw the plastic ones away …adding unnecessary waste to landfills when all you have to do is throw it in with your bleached whites. Anyway. I am done done done.
  • I am shy about people looking at it because I am afraid they really think it looks crappy and don’t have the heart to tell me because it would make me feel terrible. On the other hand, I put a
    A lot of work into that bathroom and am so glad it’s done. It looks so much better….and I think I might be able to use those cool owl decals I saw at target a month or two ago…..
  • I hired a babysitter who the girls absolutely love because she is creative and energetic and imaginative along with them. They didn t even notice me slipping off to the basement so that I CPU
    D finish painting. Well, actually Morella did check up on me but never came down, and Neeners seemed to have forgotten I existed. Amazing! She will be coming again tomorrow so I can work more on getting the house ready for Morella’s birthday party this Sunday.
  • Painting dirty, disgusting ceilings is difficult …but oh so worth it. I am bringing the blue carpet in my room downstairs tomorrow to add to the other blue area rug..and heck, it might even look like poor mans wall to wall carpeting.
  • I had a big fight with my Mom and subsequently Tim about my side of the family and the choices everyone makes. I was so upset about it that I cried a bunch. Tim took the girls with him for a few hours put to the farm office and I had sme quiet time with Soren. Later on, when the new babysitterwas here, chatty Morella made sure to tell her that I cried, and that I didn’t tell her the truth in why. Where did she get this…tell the truth…business? Sheesh. And also, thanks Morella for being so chatty. Geez. I guess Mom crying is a big deal though. They never see it.
  • I finally washed Falkors dog bed blankets. Man they were stinky. Enough to bowl you over. Not I just gotta get those cat boxes under control. I hate cat pee smell.
  • I returned Laima’s tile cutter and materials tonight and got a tour of her house and works in progress. Oh how I love her house, and her projects. I walked away with some new to me clothes, a mobile (I love mobiles), hand printed original art cards, and bracelets for the girls. I am going to wrap them up. At this point anything I am getting will be wrapped up for a birthday or Christmas present. I need to to lay put all the gifts and stuff and figure out what I have and what I need to get.
  • I am reconsidering my plans for Thanksgiving. I think we might just stay here and do pur own, and then go and visit my brother sometime over the weekend. I don’t know. I am a little heartbroken over the whole thing. I really want to be a martyr and not do anything. Just fucking cancel it and my expectations of what it is and should be. I feel like my involvement in any way, shape or form right now is an inconvience to everyone in someway. I should just get a frozen Turkey Banquent dinner and be done with it.